Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I Love Collages

I have come to realize that I lovc creating collages. I think it started with my obsession with fashion and my collecting of any fashion image I liked. Instead of throwing away the magazines, I would cut out all the images I liked. I started putting them into photo albums, then one day I decided I wanted to create my hope chest. I decoupaged the entire chest, inside and out, with fashion images.

Then in photography school my Composition teacher gave us a couple of choices for our final project. I chose picture in picture, but one of the other options was to photograph a scene in parts. Then collage all the idividual photos to create one image. A few years later I decided to try this on my own and created Shattered Eden.

Then one day I tried a bit more organized collage with My Backyard.

I have created one other collage, that does not include photos of any kind. My brother got married and my wedding gift was the mirror I created below (I didn't have the mirror when I photographed the piece). I cut squares out of soda cans and nailed each to the wood base. This past weekend I started working on new mirrors like this one, just different sizes. You have to be careful cutting tin cans! Very Sharp!

Just recently, a project was brought up in Handmade Philly. We did an art swap and the person who I got used the word bucolic as their inspirational word. I had been thinking about creating another collage photo but a little smaller. For this one, I found a spot that I thought was perfect. Once I had taken all the photos, I printed them, but instead of 4 x 6, they are all 2" wide.

From this project I had quite a few extra images so I went back to the organized collage and created 2 more collages.

I also went back to my original concept and created the Fashion Mirror. I've created the one below and am working on a second smaller one.