Friday, January 15, 2010

I Love Rhinestones!

Ok so I have done some work this week on some projects, but this one has a special place in my heart. I love to work with rhinestones! How can you not love the pretty, shiny, little things? I am heading over to a friends house today and she just recently moved in so I figured I would bring something with me (hopefully she doesn't read this before I get over there!).

This started off as a project my mom and I came up with. We both use regular clothespins to keep our snack bags closed. My friend saw these and started making fun of them so my mom and I came up with the Designer Chip Clips. I have been using mine for months and they always put a smile on my face. All those rhinestones. My mom has a set in Florida and my friend who made fun of me also has a set.

So obviously, my love of rhinestones is not limited to clothespins. I have also added them to one of my favorite items, martini glasses. The hot pink martini glass is a favorite of mine. (I collect them and have a large selection to choose from, but the pink is always among the first to be picked.) Then there is also the champagne glass! Everyone should drink champagne. It's not just for special occassions! Although, two sets of the champagne glasses are for just that. I have created to sets of wedding champagne flutes. Each set is has a blue and a pink glass. The bottoms are painted irredescent pink and blue and each has mostly clear rhinestones with some pink and blue rhinestones, so one for the hubby and one for the wifey!

I also created a couple of champagne flutes for my girlies when they come over. It just makes you feel glamourous, drinking out of these shiney, pretty glasses. Hope you enjoy and if you like shiney things and are interested in anything let me know, I can always make more!


  1. Love the chip clips and your glasses are SO CUTE!!!

  2. Thanks Jeanne! I'm making more chip clips, they are too fun. Going to make some to give my aunt when I see her next month!