Friday, December 11, 2009

Magazine Baskets

Align LeftSo my grandma saw a basket I made for my dad's girlfriend last year and decided she wanted to give some for gifts. It started with "Can you make me 4?" and I said sure no problem. They aren't that hard to make. Then a little bit later she asked if I could make 2 more. Ok sure, though by now I am bored with making them. So I finished those yesterday and then I call her and say that my husband and I will make it up there so she will have them before Christmas. I also had to drop off my Christmas present from her and one for my husband so she is able to wrap them. (I help her with her shopping so I always make sure I get what I want. :) ) So during the call she asks if I can make one more!!!!!! I of course, say yes and then get my butt in gear to work on the last one. Not only do I have to be able to get it done but they also have to be sealed which takes a couple of hours with each coat and I have to do inside and out. So, finally, today at about 4 pm I finished the last basket and started coating it.
So here are the last three. I think I may be done making these for now. 7 is definitely enough.

Now I can get to work on my other presents and of course yesterday I came up with a few more that I have to get done. Hopefully, I will be able to get everything done before Christmas.


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  2. These are so cool Heid! can't imagine the time it takes for them to dry after you seal them. Do you use a spray sealer or do you brush it on?

  3. I use mod podge. A couple of hours.