Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Sailing Pillows

So I finally got back on track and feeling better. Yesterday, I was temporarily sidelined by a migraine so I wasn't able to do much, but today I hit the ground running.

My husband had a project for me this time, a thank you present for someone who is into sailing. So we decided on a throw pillow. I wanted to do embroidery on the pillow but couldn't find a pattern to use. I ended up finding a stencil for painting and just drew it on the fabric. Then as I was working on that one, I realized it would also be a great Christmas present for someone. So I made two.

They have a sailboat on the front and an anchor on the back.
They were fun to make and I enjoy embroidery because it's something I can do in front of the tv. I have found it a little tougher lately because I need glasses for up close work. I am hoping to get them this week so maybe that will cut back on the headaches.

Next up, I have to finish a pocketbook for a friend and then work on two projects that were created by my foster dobie, Pepper Penny. She loves to eat my clothes and the other day she got a hold of a favorite tshirt so I am repurposing that. And yesterday she escaped from her crate and ate my hoodie that I had just created from an old Custo Barcelona shirt. It took so long to do the first time, now I have to redo. Gotta love the puppies.


  1. They look great Hil! Love the little anchor on the back.

    I'm about to get my first foster dog in the next week or two -- no more war stories! ;)
    Karen (Kovolski)

  2. Heid - the pillows are ADORABLE! =D

  3. Thanks guys! Karen, good luck with the foster pup. It's very rewarding!